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Natural Pathway & Trail Treads with
Matching Retaining Wall Building Material

Natural Edged Pathway Steps

Consider the superior look and feel of natural stone.

Our stair treads are quarried with a smooth surface and naturally rounded edges. The tread surface is a light buckskin color with little or not variation. The natural edges show a slight variegation in light to medium ochre. Size variation ranges from small blocks 18" square to large tabular slabs up to 40" wide by 10' long. Available pre-sized to specified width for step treads.

Left: Natural pathway steps with moss rock and tree accents

Stair Tread and Steps

The treads are quarried in a variety of shapes allowing stairways to be placed straight, curved or angled and either narrow or wide.

The beautifully rounded edge profile has been caused by a natural weathering process during the last ice age know as "freeze/thaw".

Left: Buckskin stair-tread


Pathway and Trail Stone

A major benefit of using these natural shapes and smooth surfaces (both sides) is the easy of installation. Stone setting is snap - just level thebed and place the stone. No tipping or rocking once the stone is set.

Left: Trail stones combined with gravel   
Far Left: Rectangle and square trail stones combined


Smooth Rectangular Shapes

The stair tread stone is naturally formed as squares and rectangles that are quarried with all four edges smooth and with rounded corners - a truly unique and beautiful landscaping material.


Retaining Wall Material

Our Buckskin retaining wall material is a dense, hard sandstone which comes from the quarry either rough or smooth surfaced and with fairly consistent thickness. This makes retaining walls fast and easy to layup. The rough stone is 6" to 8" thick and 1' to 2' wide by 3' to 5' long.

Rough shapes and surfaces can be supplemented using the smooth and more uniform material described as stair tread. The smooth material is available as small, blocky shapes which will complement the random polygons of the rough surfaced material.
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